Tribal Recognize Zip Hooded black Size: Large –

Tribal Recognize Zip Hooded black Size: Large

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Bobby Ruiz started Tribal Street wear on the 20th of November in 1989 with his brother Joey. When Bobby was looking for sponsors for a graffiti art/benefit show in San Diego, Carl Arellano, who had a silk screening business offered to sponsor the show. "It was at that point when we became friends and started to talk about him getting involved with Tribal", says Bobby.

Bobby had a concept with artwork. Both Joey and Bobby started with blank white T-shirts that they had bought from people on the streets and factories. Joey was designing tattoo graphics and Bobby started designing graphics too which they used to apply on the T-shirts. Inspired by his graffiti background Bobby wanted to use strong graphics that speak for themselves.

Most graphics were Aztec and Mayan influenced. This is how they came up with the name Tribal.

They started working with graffiti artists who made Hip Hop inspired graphics. TribalÌs start was rough but Bobby and Carl pulled through it and succeeded in making Tribal successful. Tribal expanded from T-shirts to apparel and accessories. Now almost 20 years after its start, Tribal Street wear is still representing the streets internationally.

Ever since the inception, Tribal Streetwear has been surrounded by renowned artists. Whether a piece from Los Angeles, California artists "OG Abel" or "Mr. Cartoon" (both legends in the arte and lowrider scene) or "Daim" or "Seak" (who are from Germany) or San Diego, California, hometown homeboys "Hasl," "Brisk" or "Pursue," the Tribal warehouse where the artwork now provides a good example of the power of urban, hip-hop street art.

When Bobby started Tribal he had a concept with artwork. His background as a graffiti artist inspired him to use strong graphics that speak for them selves. Tribal provides a canvas where artists can express their creativity. Over the years the lifestyle brand has provided work for as many as 200 graffiti artists.